Below are clips from Gregg Medlyn's book Getting Me: The Secret To What Your Spouse Really Wants.

Getting Me, the concept of connecting with one's spouse is the central theme behind the new collaboration between Gregg Medlyn and Candace Winslow. This book walks the reader through common marriage communication missteps and - more importantly - steps to take to remedy them..





What is Getting Me? from Gregg Medlyn on Vimeo.

What is Your Marriage Worth? from Gregg Medlyn on Vimeo.

Marriage Minute #1: How Will You Love Your Spouse Today from Gregg Medlyn on Vimeo.

Love of your life

The following videos were used for the Highland Park United Method Church sermon series on marriage, "Love Of Your Life."

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Below are clips from Beyond The Broken Heart - A Journey Through Grief, a DVD based grief program developed by Abingdon Press, the publishing arm of the United Methodist Church.  The DVD is used as a stand-alone tool and is also part of a leader based program for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Gregg is a co-leader on the DVD with Julie Yarbrough, who wrote the book, Beyond the Broken Heart. The DVD was recorded in Nashville in November 2011. 

The DVD, books and program materials can be purchased at or