Molly worked with me for eight years and gave a lot of love, hope, and joy to the people she met.  This included people she sat with in therapy, rode with on the elevator, or met while she was on a walk.

The vast majority of my clients would say hello and goodbye to her at every appointment.  At the church and in the Meadows building, people would come out of their offices when they heard the jingling of her tags.  It was always an excited exclamation, “MOLLY!” and a few moments later, they would acknowledge me with an “Oh, hi Gregg.”

I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of cards, letters, and emails from clients in my practice, in my neighborhood, in my building, and at Highland Park United Methodist Church (where she was the first dog in the church’s 100 years to work there), who were affected by Molly’s passing.

Molly had a sensitivity to anyone who was hurting in my office, and she would walk over and sit or lie down by their feet.  She had a very calming effect on my clients during sessions.  In addition, many, in the middle of a very difficult moment, would look over at Molly and either laugh or smile, often commenting on how cute she was or how much they “love her ears!”

Molly was a very special girl who taught many people about love and will be missed by many.

“Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss.” – Erica Jong